Saturday, December 10, 2011

its your holiday song.....

really random post but quickly wanted to share my favorite holiday became my favorite last year and it is by the ever wonderful indigo girls, my favorite group.  this song makes me happy every time i hear it........i believe the message is so important and to me its just wonderful and true.  every boy and every girl should learn this lesson.......i introduce the lyrics to "Your Holiday Song" by the Indigo Girls

[if you want to listen to it try this link and if you want a copy go fetch it at tunes or let me know and i will make you a copy!!]

"Gather round girls and boys,
It's time to make your joyful noise
Some feel it in the feast after the fast,
Or the oil lamps everlasting,
Or the Solstice in the wild,
or the birth of a baby child.

(chorus) It's your holiday song
No one more true or right or wrong
When our faith calls our name
Someone else's does the same
Hallelujah! Thank you.

So gather round girls and boys
It's time to raise your lowly noise
Some feel it in the drum, in the snare
or the silence of their prayer
or the church bells on the hill
or the harmony of goodwill


For every voice lifted in song
The sacred place we all belong
A chance to heal a broken world
with every voice in every song 
of every boy and every girl!

(chorus repeat)"

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