Sunday, March 18, 2012

may 8th, 2012 in NC

i have become increasingly concerned about the amendment up for vote in NC this year (may 8, 2012) during our primary voting.  deep down i want to believe that everyone in NC will come through and the "good" will outweigh the "evil"-- in my mind good and evil anyway.  but something just keeps nagging at me and i feel scared that this amendement will become a reality and it will hurt my soul if it does.  i love NC.  absolutely love it. i want to marry the woman i love, in NC, and i want it to be recognized at some point.  i am aware a doma type act already exists in NC and i cannot marry erica anyway right now, however putting it in the consitution that i cannot marry her and obtain the same legal rights as other married couples means it will be a whole heck of a lot harder to ever do this in my lifetime here in NC.  it sucks.  we want to have kids.  we want to protect our family.  we will do these things regardless but it sure would be nice to raise a family in a state that supports all families.  i was clicking around online today and ran across some things of interest and thought i would post here.  these things either scare me, make me fell ill, inspire me, or make me feel happy.  take a look if you like.

this lovely piece you can get from the NC family policy council to help you sway others to believe that the ammendment might actually be rationale and well-founded.  i cannot believe that this is supposed to be compelling to others and it scares me if it is....

10 reasons why we should say yes to banning same sex marriage in the NC consitution again from the NC family policy council

scary is all i can say about this selection of books from focus on the family, perhaps i will see if i can get the book on walking away from the gay lifestyle, i am sure that will help me fall out of love with erica and not want to marry her

this poll that was done recently indicates that a majority of NC residents dont want the amendment to pass however i dont feel super confident about it at the moment

nothing like a good musical

help protect all NC families, check out this organization and help the cause if you can and please if you live in NC please go vote on May hope is you will vote no but if you plan to vote yes for this measure than email me or message me and tell me why, id be glad to have a conversation with you about how this will impact me and my family....